Mistress Lara - Watersports Escort and Hardsport Escort in London


If you want an watersports escort mistress, look no further. You’ll be swimming in joy! 



Looking for a Watersports Escort or a Hardsport Escort? Mistress Lara is the one you need for a unique experience.


If you want the best watersports escort experience in London or, for the ones into the really hard stuff, a hardsport escort experience, then you are in the right place. I take a lot of pleasure in being on top of you, letting myself get free all over your face as you, like the good little slave, are on the receiving end and indulging yourself in this disgusting practice, like the good little kink that you are.


What is a watersports escort service?

In BDSM watersports involves sexual play with body fluids like saliva and urine or blood.  If you participate on the receiving end, the name you are given is either water-sports fetishist or Human toilet slave. Other common names for water sports are Golden Showers, Piss Play or Urolagnia.  On the other hand, hardsports  – also known as scat or coprophilia – is the act of defecating on a person. I will talk more about this service later.

This mistress offers watersports escort services that include only saliva and urine and you will be on the receiving end, my little human toilet slave that will bask in the gold treasure bestowed upon you. You will be thankful for the gift I an offering you and you will not waste a single drop of it.

How does the watersports escort service I offer works?

I will need you to let me know ahead of time – so either tell me when we are scheduling our special time – or if you have a change of heart 30 minutes above you want to indulge yourself in this service. In order to offer you the best watersports escort service I will need to drink 1 liter of water beforehand (hence the 30 minutes) and  afterwards, I will be ready to satisfy you.  I will let you be showered by my precious fluids anywhere you want it: your face, body, penis, ass, or right into your mouth. 


About the Hardsport Escort Service Mistress Lara Provides

As I already mentioned, hardsport refers to the act of defecating on a person, and it does not stop here. It can be just playing with feces, eating the feces or covering the body in feces. I take extreme pleasure being on the giving end, and I always look forward to having a human toilet slave on the receiving end of my caviar.

If you are new to hardsport you have to know that this is an extremely intimate experience, but it also carries a bit of danger if it is not done by a healthy person. Feces carry disease and parasites and consuming feces means ingesting the parasites and bacteria.  Nevertheless, I am in a very good health, and I do not offer hardsport escort services when I am sick.

How to order the hardsport escort service I provide?

I will need you to let me know at least 1 day before so that I can properly prepare myself and offer you a delicious treat. I always want to make sure that there is enough to satisfy each and every one of my toilet slaves and fill them up properly. Where do you get it? Anywhere you want: your body, your penis, your chest, your face or straight into your mouth.  We will discuss first what you need and what you want, as I my goal is always to offer you the best hardsport escort London service as well as the best watersports escort service.





One Hour Incall £250
One Hour Outcall£300
Additional Hour£200


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